We Have a Name!

It has been a gruelling three weeks of soliciting entries, debating their merits, paring down the field, and then finally, subjecting the strongest competitors to a gut-wrenching winner-takes-all on-line poll. Today, only the true champion is left standing, and that champion is “Whistorical.”

Congratulations to Andrea Phillp for submitting the winning entry (it just squeaked by on the last night we were accepting names). For your creative contribution you are now the proud member of the Whistler Museum Archives Society and owner of a signed copy of Leslie Anthony’s White Planet. 

We received a lot of great entries and appreciate the strong response we received from the community, both locally and beyond (I would have been happy with any of the finalists, although, I must admit, I was rooting for Blog Tusk).  We’ll try to keep things interactive here at Whistorical so stay put for more ways to get involved and contribute to the site!

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