Listen to the top 5 Whistler Anthem entries!

Now that we’re able to let out a sigh of relief after last week’s greatly successful 100 Years of Dreams celebrations, we can take a look back on some of the events. The Whistler Anthem Project was certainly a highlight for us. Of the 29 initial submissions, the field was whittled down to five top candidates to become Whistler’s official anthem. These were then performed last Wednesday night at Millennium Place in an American Idol-style showdown.

The panel of judges: Long-time radio host Tarzan Dan; Juno Award-winning singer/songwriter Norm Foote; Whistler Mayor Ken Melamed; Sophie Simmons, daughter of KISS frontman Gene Simmons. Photo: Joern Rohde/

The judges repeatedly noted how tough they found it to choose a single winner, but in the end, singer/songwriter Chad Oliver took home the glory (and $5000) for his catchy country-rock tune “Top of the World.”

Chad Oliver with his big cheque! Congrats Chad! Joern Rodhe /

Event sponsor MountainFM has uploaded the 5 top entries for your listening pleasure. Enjoy these for now, but several times throughout the night allusions were made to a potential CD compilation including more of the entries. Keep your ears open for that.

Glen Mishaw brought a full backing band out to perform his classic rock tune.       Joern Rodhe /

Jeremy Thom and friend. Joern Rodhe /

Rachel Thom performs her ballad for Whistler. Joern Rodhe /

Adam Legget and friend perform “Drive”. Joern Rodhe /

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