Seppo Memorial Video

As part of our involvement with the Seppo Makinen memorial sculpture, built and unveiled this past May, the museum was asked to create some on-line content to compliment the public art piece.

Since I began working at the museum, Seppo has been the name that comes up most frequently when people start reminiscing about the good old days at our events. Clearly, Seppo made a huge impression on our community.

Because I moved to Whistler after he passed away, it only seemed right to have those who actually knew Seppo share their own memories of the man.

During and after the unveiling ceremony, Museum staff asked a number of Whistler locals to explain, simply, “What made Seppo special?” The enthusiastic and far-ranging responses we got show how  Seppo was a lot of things to a lot of people.

The end result is the  short video. Much thanks to all those who got in front of the camera to share their stories and pay tribute to the Whistler icon.

2 responses to “Seppo Memorial Video

  1. Seppo had a passion for over proof rum that he would always bring to the burner parties. He build his own log cabin single-handedly with 40 foot Douglas fir logs put in place all by himself what an incredible house and man!

  2. And dug out that famous hot tub all by himself

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