Building AWAREness

Great news for local green-minded folk. In the run up to their forthcoming 25th anniversary, local environmental group AWARE (Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment) has some exciting announcements to make.

As a recent AWARE release stated:

AWARE has traditionally been a volunteer-run organization and as such has faced the challenges shared by many similar organizations… Now on the eve of the 25th year the group is not only still going but has a fully active board of directors and has this month fulfilled a long-term aspiration of hiring an Executive Director.

Last month Claire Ruddy, who has long been involved on the AWARE board, was  hired as the new Executive Director. The board revival and new executive director means that leading into their 25th anniversary, AWARE is now able to take on and deliver more ambitious projects. As Claire Ruddy highlighted “this is a very exciting time to be a part of AWARE and with the 25th Anniversary year coming up we are trying to create lots of opportunities for people to get involved.”

Over the past 24 years AWARE has been a key player in the protection of wildlife habitat, education and awareness raising relating to the environment and sustainability as well as advocating for the environment.  Last year AWARE was able to expand the local debate around old forest logging in Whistler through holding an Old Forest Symposium with guest experts and a field trip to the Ancient Cedars.  A tree age study carried out by the group also found Whistlers oldest tree on record.  This year tree coring work continues and AWARE has started new projects such as starting a Zero Waste Station at the Whistler Farmers Markets to help educate around the issue of composting.

A recent AWARE gathering at the Ancient Cedars.

A recent AWARE gathering at the Ancient Cedars.

They have also been holding regular Green Talks at the Whistler Museum to promote awareness of pertinent environmental issues. Two upcoming events provide a great opportunity for interested individuals to learn more about the rejuvenated organization, its future direction, and the many ways to get involved.

First, on Wednesday  September 4th from 6-8pm a Green Talk will be held at the Whistler Museum, focusing on the presentation of AWARE’s new long-term strategic plan. 

Then, on Wednesday October 2nd, 6-8pm, again at the Whistler Museum, AWARE will be holding it’s annual general meeting, where new board members can be voted in and the group can continue to build its capacity.

If you can’t make the meeting but want more info please email

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