Whistler’s Answers: October 21, 1982

In the 1980s the Whistler Question began posing a question to three to six people and publishing their responses under “Whistler’s Answers” (not to be confused with the Whistler Answer).  Each week, we’ll be sharing one question and the answers given back in 1982.  Please note, all names/answers/occupations/neighbourhoods represent information given to the Question at the time of publishing and do not necessarily reflect the person today.

Some context for this week’s question: There was a municipal election in Whistler in November 1982. Only three members of previous councils intended to run for positions, one for council and two for mayor, so many of the candidates (though active in the community and, for the most part, pretty well known) were unknown political quantities.

Question: What do you think the issues should be in the upcoming municipal election?

Vikki Fuller – Future Village store operator – Alpine Meadows

Sane and responsible planned growth.

Robin Crumley – Hotel Manager – Alpine Meadows

The main issue should be how Council plans to finance the Sports & Convention Centre. I’d also like to hear candidates’ ideas on the general direct the resort is taking. It’s important to keep the momentum up so I don’t think a caretaker Council is sufficient.

Pierre Trudeau – Insulation contractor – Alpine Meadows

I want to see candidates talk about things that are of interest to local residents like the Sports & Convention Centre.

Maybe they shouldn’t put so much emphasis on tourists and make this into a place where there’s something to do besides drinking and skiing.

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