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Family Day Weekend 2022

Not only is the museum open to the public, but our Kids Après is available to take home this BC Family Day Weekend!

If you have already picked up your free Kids Après Pack from the Whistler Museum, you have the materials for the following two crafts (not including scissors, glue or colouring materials – please contact us if you do not have these materials). If you haven’t already picked up your Pack, come by the Whistler Museum during our open hours (11am – 5pm) as long as supplies last.

Kids Après Packs also include our Kids Après Activity Book, which includes stories from our exhibits, colouring pages, mazes, trivia and more! If you would rather use your own materials for the crafts, you are still welcome to come by the Whistler Museum and pick up an Activity Book for free.

Craft One: Lakeside Lodge

Supply List:

  • 1 sheet of cardstock
  • popsicle sticks
  • 1 sheet of brown coloured paper (or any other colour you like!)
  • 1 sheet of red/blue coloured paper (or any other colour you like!)
  • glue or tape
  • makers, crayons, pencil crayons, or coloured paper

Craft Two: Snowman Skier/Boarder

Supply List:

  • 1 snowperson template
  • 1 jumbo popsicle stick
  • 2 popsicle sticks
  • 1 small popsicle stick
  • 1 pipecleaner
  • 1 paper plate
  • 1 bit orange coloured paper
  • 1 sheet red/blue coloured paper (or any other colour you like!)
  • glue or tape
  • markers, crayons, or pencil crayons

BC Family Day Kids Après is offered free thanks to the support of the Province of British Columbia.

Kids Après Family Day 2022: At Home Edition

We won’t be hosting our annual Kids Après at the museum this year, so (like last year), we’re making it possible to take some of the museum experience home! Our Kids Après Activity Book shares some of the stories from our exhibits alongside colouring pages, trivia, mazes and more that the whole family can enjoy.

For the Family Day Weekend (February 18 – 21), we’ll be creating more Family Day Kids Après Packages that will include an Activity Book and the supplies for two Kids Après crafts. We will be posting craft videos (similar to the craft videos created by our amazing students over the past two summers for Crafts in the Park) online here on February 18 so that you can craft along with us at your convenience at home.

Family Day Kids Après Packages are free and will be available at the museum from 11 am Friday, February 18. Please note that packages will not include scissors, glue or colouring supplies. If you do not have these, please contact us.

Crafts in the Park is Back for 2019!

Crafts in the Park is back!  Each week we partner with the Whistler Public Library to present a story and craft in Florence Petersen Park.  This year’s theme is “When I Was In Whistler, I Saw…” and each week will feature a different animal, activity or object that could be seen in Whistler, either in the present or in the past!

Crafts in the Park runs on Wednesdays from 11am-noon.  It is a drop-in program for all children ages 4-12, with a chaperone present.

Week 1: July 10

Have you ever seen a beaver in Whistler?  In making their home in the valley, beavers made dams along waterways and changed the landscape for many years to come.  Many of the rivers and streams in Whistler are still the way they are because of beavers.  For our first craft, we’ll be creating cone beavers and paper bag dams.

Week 2: July 17

Traveling to Whistler became a lot easier in 1914 with the arrival of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway.  Instead of 3 days, the trek from Vancouver now took about 9 hours (still a lot longer than we’re used to today).   The railway had a major influence on making Whistler a popular resort destination, and we’ll be making our very own train engines in any colours you want.

Week 3: July 24

For this week, we’ll be collaborating with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to make animal headbands!

Week 4: July 31

Alta Lake became a popular fishing destination in 1914 and people caught many different kinds of fish.  Just like those early visitors, we’ll be making our own mini fishing rods and fish.  You’ll even be able to catch these fish with your rod, and fish can be designed however you want!

Week 5: August 7

Before the train came to Whistler, it took 3 days to reach Alta lake.  The first day was spent on a steamboat from Vancouver to Squamish, and from there you would have to walk all the to Whistler, accompanied by a pack horse.  When fishing lodges began opening on Alta Lake, some lodges kept stables and would take guests on rides around the valley.  This week we’ll be making our very own horse, who can stand all by itself!  For ambitious crafters, we’ll also be making clothespin riders.

Week 6: August 14

Sailing has been popular in Whistler for over 100 years and Alta Lake residents enjoyed taking all kids of boats out in the summer.  We’ll be making our own sailboats out of sponges, corks and paper.  Just like real boats, these really do float!

Week 7: August 21

While Whistler is very well known for its winter sports, in the summer mountain biking takes over the town.  This week we’ll be making pipe-cleaner bikes and bikers!

Week 8: August 28

Downhill skiing came to Whistler in the 1960s and has been wildly popular ever since.  Snowboarding was introduced to the hills in the 1980s, and now both sports are found on the mountains each winter.  We’ll be making our very own skiers and snowboarders this week, as we look forward to another snowy winter!

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesdays!

Kids Après: March Break 2019

Our popular Kids Après is back for March Break!  This is a great chance to bring your youngsters by the museum to experience a bit of history with colouring, button-making, LEGO and more.  Entry is always by donation.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.