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Feeding the Spirit 2016



As part of Connect Whistler (formerly Whistler Welcome Week) we will once again be hosting Feeding the Spirit.

With the continued support of Creekside Market new arrivals to Whistler and long-time residents alike are invited to gather, eat, and learn something new about our community with great prizes donated by local businesses!

Special thanks to all our sponsors:

  • Creekside Market
  • Purebread Bakery
  • Farfalla Hair & Esthetics
  • Gnarlyroots Pizza & Cafe
  • Rogers Chocolates
  • Nibz Bandanaz
  • Whistler Blackcomb
  • Whistler Roasting Co.
  • Splitz Grill
  • Prior Snowboards

Feeding the Spirit 2015

Feeding the Spirit Poster 2015_bigger


We’re excited to once again be hosting Feeding the Spirit, as part of Whistler Welcome Week 2015.

The format is simple. Creekside Market donates a bunch of free groceries, several local businesses donate wonderful prizes, and then we open our doors and invite, well, everyone!

In the spirit of welcoming winter and all the new arrivals to town, we simply want a fun, free evening where people can gather, eat a free meal, and learn a few things about out community. That’s it!

While there is certainly a lot to be learned through exploring our exhibits, we also feel some important lessons about Whistler can be learned by simply hanging out with long-time members of the community. So come, eat, learn, and above all, be merry! See you Saturday!

Special thanks to all our sponsors:

  • Creekside Market
  • Farfalla Hair 
  • Purebread Bakery
  • Splitz Grill
  • Whistler Roasting Co.
  • Nibz Bandanas
  • Lift Coffee
  • Misty Mountain Pizza

Upcoming Events: Feeding the Spirit / The Science & History of Alta Lake

The next couple of weeks are exciting ones here at the museum! We have two events to share, the first of which is happening this evening. Join us tonight for free food and a chance to win stellar prizes from Creekside Market, Prior, Splitz, Whistler Roasting Company, PureBread, and more. Whistler Museum’s annual event, Feeding the Spirit, is a chance for new residents to enjoy some free grub, and mix with long-time locals in an intimate setting.

As part of Welcome Week, the museum, with support from Whistler’s Creekside Market, is aiming to welcome new residents and provide them with a sense of place and community. This event also provides a chance for long-term Whistlerites to recall and share their stories of what originally brought them here and what keeps them in this beautiful playground. Hope to see you there!


We are also thrilled to announce In Depth & In Writing: The Science & History of Alta Lake, an event you don’t want to miss. Join us for this historical and scientific discussion of environmental change in Alta Lake in the past, present, and future. The event will start at 7:00pm and there will be a cash bar. Free to attend.


During the summer of 2014 Professor Ian Spooner and graduate student Dewey Dunnington from Acadia University, working with members of Cascade Environmental Resources Group (CERG), conducted some exciting research on Alta Lake. Using a core sampling technique, they collected intact samples of the layers of sediment on the lake bottom to better understand how the lake and its watershed have reacted to both natural and man-made change. This technique is known as paleolimnology. Most studies only look at the way the lake exists now – paleolimnology allows us to study the history of a lake too. Every centimeter of sediment represents about 5 years, so some of the material in these samples is as much as 400 years old!

Alta Lake is an important ecological component of Whistler Valley, and since western settlement of the region, has been an essential resource for residents and visitors alike. It is also historically significant – so much so that the town itself was called “Alta Lake” until 1975.  The history of the lake from a human perspective has been recorded in the pictures and writings of the residents of the valley, many of them kept in the archives of the Whistler Museum.


While we have watched the lake from its surroundings, the lake has also observed us, recording environmental change through the slow accumulation of material as it washes into the lake, year after year. The sediment from the bottom of Alta Lake allows us to better understand how the lake and its watershed have reacted to both natural and human-made change, and will help us evaluate our management strategies going into the future.

On the evening of Thursday, December 4th, Dewey Dunnington will be presenting his findings to the community at the Whistler Museum. To complement this Executive Director of Whistler Museum, Sarah Drewery, will also be presenting on the history of settlement around Alta Lake.

Feeding The Spirit


Free food, great prizes, free museum admission, fun crowd … no brainer. Come on down to the Whistler Museum Saturday night for our annual Welcome Week free-for-all, otherwise known as Feeding the Spirit. Whether you’ve been in Whistler two days or two decades, everyone’s welcome to this early-season staple.

Our doors will open at 5:30, and after you’ve filled your famished, post-shred bellies, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to browse the exhibits, learn about your community, socialize, and celebrate the start of winter. Over the next two hours a  wackload of great prizes from  local businesses will be given away. Like what, you may ask?

Well, for starters, we’ve got  grocery gift certificates from Creekside Market (who generously donated all the food we’re serving that night) so you don’t have to lie when mom asks if you’re eating well. And if she’s worried about frostbite, we’ve got you covered with some super-styley Nibz Bandanas. Think your tresses will eventually need some expert help? Let the masters at Farfalla guide you, should you be so lucky as to win the draw. Worried about post-shred funk? We’ve got awesome all-natural soaps from Rocky Mountain Soap Co., coupons for Gone Bakery, Moguls, Zogs, Misty Mountain Pizza, Prior Snowboards sticker packs, gear from Kathmandu Bike & Board, Celebrate Whistler, the list goes on and on.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. You don’t even have to like us on Facebook, it’s just an awesome  free event, no strings attached (but while we’re on the topic, click here to like us on Facebook).