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Wrap Up: The 26th Annual Building Competition with LEGO Bricks

Thank you to everyone who came out for the 26th Annual Building Competition with LEGO Bricks this past weekend! You built incredible representations of your favourite parts of summer and we can’t wait to do it again next year – registration will open in late July/early August, so keep an eye out!

A huge thanks to our judges for this year’s competition: Erik from Arts Whistler, Chris from Whistler Community Services Society, and Jeanette from the Whistler Public Library. They had a very difficult task and were very impressed by the creations they got to evaluate.

Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that we weren’t able to get photographs of all of the creations before the wind started to take them down. If any parents have photographs of their child’s entry, we would love to see them! (Photos can be emailed to events @ whistlermuseum.org or tag us on social media)

A special thanks to the local businesses who donated amazing prizes for competition winners and for goody bags:

  • Purebread
  • Lucia Gelato
  • The Adventure Group
  • Armchair Books
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Cows
  • Escape! Whistler

We couldn’t do this event without the help of the community, from donors to judges to volunteers!

See you next year!

What do you love about summer vacation?

The months of July and August are highly anticipated by many children throughout the year as the time of summer vacation, when daily routines change (or are entirely discarded) and opportunities for adventures can be plentiful. Whistler can be a great place to spend summers as a child, whether as a visitor or a resident. This was also true 95 years ago, when the Matheson family from Vancouver began spending their two months of summer vacation at Alta Lake. These visits were still fondly remembered by Betty Jane Warner (the youngest of the three Matheson children) in 2011.

Alta Lake was an amazing summer retreat for the Matheson children, who spent a good part of the time in and on the lake. Philip Collection.

Beginning in 1927, Violet Matheson, her three children (Jack, Claudia, and Betty Jane), and often a maid, would board the Union Steamship in downtown Vancouver at the end of June. After the trip by boat to Squamish, the family would travel to Alta Lake aboard the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Once there, they would stay at a cabin they referred to as their “summer cottage,” owned by William “Mac” MacDermott, who became a good family friend.

The months spent at Alta Lake by the Mathesons were very different from their daily lives in Vancouver. The cabin had a “cranky” wood stove, coal oil lamps, a copper tub, and an outhouse. The children would go swimming, go hiking with Mac, pick ripe blueberries, row around the lake among the waterlilies, spend hot afternoons reading in the shade, and visit Rainbow Lodge to pick up the mail and sometimes make purchases from the store. Claudia and Betty Jane had to get dressed up only once over the summer for their annual visit to Mrs. Harrop’s tearoom. They also looked forward to their annual picnic excursion with the Ford family, who lived at Alta Lake.

The Matheson family stopped coming to Alta Lake in 1935 after the death of Betty Jane’s father Robert, who had spent the summers working in Vancouver and visiting Alta Lake occasionally. Looking back on the summers spent there as a child, however, Betty Jane fondly recalled their “happy summers.”

Showing that summer fun continued well past the 1920s, four excited kids take part in the 3-legged race at the Summer Recreation sports day. P. Hocking photo. Whistler Question Collection, 1979.

There are still a lot of things to enjoy about summer vacations in Whistler today, which is why the theme for the 26th Annual Building Competition with LEGO Bricks is “What do you love about summer vacation?”

We are very excited to be hosting our annual building competition in person this summer on Saturday, August 27. While the past couple of years have seen the competition transition to building at home, this year we will be returning to our previous format where all competitors build their creations in Florence Petersen Park using the LEGO bricks provided. After the building time, our judges will evaluate the creations and then prizes donated by incredible local businesses will be awarded for the different age categories.

To register for this year’s competition and share your creations of your favourite parts of summer, contact us at the Whistler Museum. Ages 3 and up are welcome. Learn more here.

The Annual Building Competition is Back (and full)!

The 26th Annual Building Competition with LEGO Bricks is back this month!

*Registration for the Building Competition is full, but we’ll be back again next year!

Like in previous years, we’ll be gathering in Florence Petersen Park to build and share some incredible creations. All LEGO bricks will be provided and contestants will get 40 minutes to build something that they think represents this year’s theme: What do you love about summer vacation?

Before visitors started to come to Whistler to ski in the winters, Alta Lake was a popular place for visitors to come in the summer to go fishing. These days there are a lot of different things you can do during the summer in Whistler, including fishing, swimming, biking, hiking, coming to the museum, or even going on trips to other places – what is your favourite part of summer?

This year’s competition will be held on Saturday, August 27 from 2 – 4 pm in Florence Petersen Park. Kids ages 3 and up are welcome! Every participant will walk away with a treat-filled goody bag and might even win one of our amazing prizes, generously donated by Whistler businesses!

Contact us to register by phone (604-932-2019), email (events @ whistlermuseum.org) or by dropping in during our open hours.

Annual Building Competition – That’s a Wrap!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 25th Annual Building Competition with LEGO Bricks this weekend! All of the creations were amazing!

A special thanks to our judges, who had the difficult task of scoring all of the entries:

We would also like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors for the event, who provided prizes and goody bag items:


3 – 5

  1. Thomas Esnouf
  2. Ruardih Arris
  3. Ethan Kester

6 – 7

  1. Ollie Ford
  2. Miles Kobilinski
  3. Leah Carsen

8 – 12

  1. Rambo Nunez
  2. Noah + Micah Carsen
  3. Jude Winterbottom

If you didn’t pick up your goody bag at the competition, please come by the Whistler Museum any day. We can’t wait to see what everyone creates next year!