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Building the Spirit: Whistler’s Volunteers of the 2010 Games

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the Whistler Museum presents our latest temporary exhibit, featuring stories and artefacts of the volunteers and community members who made the Games a unique experience in Whistler.  Join us opening night to share your own tales of 2010 and show off your Olympic memorabilia (we’re betting a lot of you still have those red mitts and blue coats)!

Doors open at 6:30 pm, Friday, February 28.  Free admission.

Catering (cash bar and complimentary snacks) provided by the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre with the support of the RMOW.

Exhibit closes April 19.

The Whistler Museum Needs Your Help!

The Whistler Museum is searching for volunteers to help with our IronMan Run Aid Station on July 29th!

We’re only 11 days out and we need some more volunteers!

Once again the Whistler Museum staff and a team of amazing volunteers will be operating a Run Aid Station, handing out ice, water, energy drinks, snacks and more while cheering on the participating athletes (we also try to maintain the cleanest aid station by ensuring we are picking up and recycling as we go).  The money received by the Museum from IronMan goes straight to the Collections Department to help grow and maintain our archives and artefacts.

The aid station job hasn’t changed much since the Whistler Triathlon in 1984, though we can’t guarantee any animal print outfits. Photo: Whistler Question Collection, 1984

All volunteers are provided with dinner, are invited to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, are entered to win prizes and get an IronMan Volunteer t-shirt.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, this is also a great chance to meet our summer students!

We are back at a our usual location this year!  We will be manning Run Aid Station #10 (the final Run Aid Station) on Blackcomb Way (near Settebello Drive) from 5:30-11:45 pm.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can call us at the museum (604 932 2019) or sign up here.  Scroll down until you find Run Aid Station #10 and select shift #2.  Then just keep scrolling and fill out the information at the bottom of the page.  Click Sign Up To Volunteer and you will be automatically added to the shift.

We greatly appreciate all the wonderful volunteers who come out to help the Museum raise some funds while having a lot of fun!

The Whistler Museum Needs Your Help!

The Whistler Museum is searching for volunteers for our IronMan Run Aid station on July 30th!

The Run Aid station hands out water, ice, snacks and more.

Once again the Whistler Museum staff and a team of amazing volunteers will be operating a Run Aid station, handing out ice, water, energy drinks, snacks and more to the participating athletes.  The money received by the Museum from IronMan is used in the Collections Department to help grow and maintain our archives.  All volunteers are invited to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and get an IronMan Volunteer t-shirt.

If you’ve volunteered with us for IronMan in the past, things will be a bit different this year.  Instead of being at the final Run Aid station in the Village, the Museum will be manning Run Aid Station #4 at Nicklaus North from 4 – 10:30 pm.

Rain or shine, we’re there to hand out whatever the participants need at that stage of the race.

If you’re interested in helping out, you can sign up here.  Click Register Now, scroll down until you find RUN AID STATION #4 – SHIFT 2, click on the red Register Now at the bottom of the screen and follow the instructions from there.

We greatly appreciate all the wonderful volunteers who come out to help the Museum raise some funds while having a lot of fun!


H.I.T.: 20 Years of Grassroots Action

Whistler became the community it is today in large part thanks to the incredible natural wealth in our surroundings. However, the extent to which this natural wealth has been protected and preserved is a testament to the character of the community that has grown here.

A deep understanding of this intertwined relationship spurred Arthur De Jong to action two decades ago. Working as Mountain Planning & Environmental Resource Manager for Whistler-Blackcomb, Arthur was a frequent attendee at meetings where local environmental groups and engaged citizens raised a variety of ecological concerns. There was no shortage of will, but Arthur stepped in and created a simple, effective way to address these problems.

“Why don’t we have a group dedicated to fixing what they can within a short time-frame to address some of the smaller, easier-to-fix environmental issues in the valley?”, Arthur wondered. And thus, H.I.T. was born.

This past week the Habitat Improvement Team, or H.I.T. wrapped up their 20th summer of grassroots environmental rehabilitation in the Whistler Valley. The enduring success of the group is in large part thanks to the group’s deceptively simple structure (and, of course, Whistlerites’ enthusiasm for the local environment).

The H.I.T. team after a night rehabilitating the riparian zone. Photo courtesy Arthur De Jong.

Bi-weekly, all summer long, a group of volunteers come together and get to work on a predetermined project. Arthur coordinates the team and determines the work schedule, with input from local community groups. Whistler-Blackcomb supports the group with transportation support and a late après at Merlin’s for the thirsty volunteers.

A lot of the group’s early work focused on improving fish habitat in the valley by replanting native species in disturbed riparian zones, preventing suffocating erosion on adjacent trails and stream banks, and other rehabilitation projects.

W-B’s Wendy Robinson transporting native plants for habitat restoration.  Photo courtesy Arthur De Jong.


Over the years the group’s mandate expanded beyond ecological restoration to other environmentally oriented projects such as hiking trail maintenance and improvement, installing interpretive signage, cleaning up areas of high garbage accumulation, and packaging retired Whistler-Blackcomb uniforms for shipment to developing nations such as Romania and India. 

Getting retired uniforms ready for shipment. Photo Courtesy Arthur De Jong.

Just this summer, H.I.T. cleared parts of the Lost Lake interpretive trails, removed invasive burdock plants, packaged clothing for international aid, completed 2 work nights on the Ancient Cedars trail (more on this project in next week’s column), and helped build a pollinator garden at the Spruce Grove community gardens.


For their efforts, H.I.T. has been awarded a Silver Eagle for Community Relations by the National Ski Areas Association, and special recognition for business leadership at the Shift Conference for Public Lands Management in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. On a more personal level, Arthur notes that “it’s always a joy to walk through parts of the valley and seeing areas that H.I.T. was instrumental in restoring. That’s quite rewarding.”

And it’s not just Arthur who feels gratified. Many of the volunteers contributing this past summer have been involved for years, some nearly the entire 20 years that H.I.T. has been active. Ultimately the big winner is the local environment, which is greener, more productive, and more appreciated thanks to two decades of grassroots, volunteer-led efforts from H.I.T.

Happy volunteers. Photo courtesy Arthur De Jong.

Volunteer Opportunities

As any museum, archive or gallery employee will tell you, the way into the industry is more often than not through volunteering. Even if you aren’t exactly interested in a career in cultural heritage, or if you already have a career path set, volunteering in such an environment usually provides a very pleasant and enriching experience for everyone involved.

I (Assistant Archivist, Trish, here!) began my career by volunteering at museums in London, England and Rochester, New York. By simply offering my time, my life and career reaped huge benefits. The experiences, friends and connections have been unreal!

Okay, enough gushing about my experience with volunteering. The point of this tangent is to let you all know that the Whistler Museum is accepting volunteers for some of our upcoming events and we would love to have you!

We are currently looking for volunteers for two ongoing events/activities:

1. During February and March, every Thursday from 3pm-6pm we are hosting Kiddies Après. This is a very enjoyable craft-filled event. We are looking for those with experience and enthusiasm in working with children to help run these events.

2. The Museum is launching a pilot project in which we offer guided tours of our exhibits. The tours will be roughly 20 minutes and offered by staff as well as volunteers. We are looking for volunteers who are able to participate as guides as little as once a week. We currently have Rosemary Malaher volunteering every Thursday starting at 11:30am. We would like to fill more days with tours beginning at 11:30am and/or 1:30pm. If you are interested in volunteering for a tour position we can discuss a time and day that works best for you and us.

We want you to get as much out of volunteering for us as we will get from you, so tell us about your interests and what you would like to get out of the experience! We are very open to your suggestions and alterations.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact: collectionassistant@whistlermuseum.org

Volunteers needed for Ironman


The Whistler Museum has signed up to be a team leader for the Ironman event in Whistler this August. We need to get a team of 20 volunteers together in order to receive $1000 for our organization – so we need your help!

The funds raised will go towards buying acid-free housing for our artifacts, archives and photographs. This is essential to be able to preserve Whistler’s heritage and prevent deterioration.

We will need your help on 25th August – 6pm-midnight. The Museum has been selected to run a Run Aid Station.

The Run Aid Station is a station on the running part of the course where athletes can get water, energy drinks, food and sponges. Our job will be hand them the product that they need and to offer lots of encouragement.

The running is the last section of the race and the athletes are going to be extremely tired so our encouragement and help will be badly needed!  We’re expecting the atmosphere to be fantastic and we’re sure the day will be a lot of fun.

The Museum’s run aid station is Station 8, which will be located on Lorimer Road, just outside the entrance to day lots 4 & 5.

Ironman will provide food for the volunteers and make sure that there are no issues with transportation to the site.

If you would like to join our team then here is how you sign up:

Go to www.ironman.ca

  • Click on “Volunteer”
  • Click here to volunteer
  • Scroll down the list and find Run Aid Station 8 Shift 2 on Sunday 25th August.
  • (Make sure you get the right station and shift, else you won’t be volunteering for the museum!)
  • Check the box beside the name
  • Go back to the top and Click Sign Up
  • Populate the screen that appears

Once you have signed up the Museum will contact you and answer any questions that you may have. You have to sign up via the site and not by contacting the Museum directly as all volunteers are required to sign a waiver.

We hope you can volunteer with us!

Whistler Museum

Get Involved In Your Community!

Are you looking to become more involved in the community? Want to get to know some of the most interesting people you will ever meet?  Perhaps you have lived here since before the village was built, or you may just be here for the season. The best way to get to know the community is to become a part of it by volunteering. Did you also know that volunteering is a great way of getting work experience?

Walking dogs, exploring Whistler’s history, handing out food to those in need, volunteering for exciting events, or helping people to find their way around the village – there are so many ways that you can get involved and have a blast doing it!

If you’re interested in volunteering, but aren’t sure what’s out there then come along to the third annual volunteer fair at MY Place, Tuesday, November 13th from 3-6pm. Representatives from  16 local groups will be there for you to meet, talk with and learn about all the diverse and interesting jobs that really need filling.

There will also be free snacks and a door prize of a gift basket of yummy goodies, generously provided by Upper Village Market.

Organizations signed up so far include:

  • Whistler Museum and Archives Society
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Whistler Film Festival
  • Whistler Arts Council
  • Whistler Animals Galore
  • Village Hosts
  • Mature Action Committee
  • Whistler Community Services Society
  • Whistler Public Library
  • Whistler Museum and Archives Society
  • Whistler Sports Legacy Society
  • Howe Sound Women’s Centre
  • Whistler Singers
  • Youth Centre
  • Zero Ceiling
  • Whistler Adaptive Sports Program

This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the community you are living in. Share your time and your talents to help a charity with the same passions you have. Volunteering is rewarding and fun!

When: Tuesday, November 13th from 3-6pm

Where: Maurice Young Millennium Place

Who: Everyone is welcome

Cost: Free