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Whistler’s Answers: June 16, 1983

In the 1980s the Whistler Question began posing a question to three to six people and publishing their responses under “Whistler’s Answers” (not to be confused with the Whistler Answer).  Each week, we’ll be sharing one question and the answers given back in 1983.  Please note, all names/answers/occupations/neighbourhoods represent information given to the Question at the time of publishing and do not necessarily reflect the person today.

Some context for this week’s question: In 1983, there was no municipal, provincial, or private campground within Whistler, though that didn’t stop some people from finding spots to camp.

Question: Is there a demand for a campground at Whistler?

Graeme Mounsey – Traveller – Sydney, Australia

We heard about Whistler at the tourist information booth when we arrived in BC. They said there was no tenting but there is a youth hostel. I find hostels too restricting so I doubt we’ll go there though the scenery and canoeing sounds tempting.

Walter Terrien – Caretaker, Capilano Mobile Park – North Vancouver

Sure, lots of people ask us about camping at Whistler – especially in the winter. We don’t know of any spots up that way though. I don’t think there are any so I always tell them how to get there and say I don’t know what facilities they’ll find.

Anne Crocker – Travel Counsellor, North Van Chamber of Commerce – West Vancouver

Well, when people ask me I show them the Provincial Parks of BC map. The government parks aren’t such great places for trailers and campers and as far as private campsites go there’s nil in that area. There are lots of hotels though!