Upcoming Events

*Due to generous private support, this event will now be offered with FREE ADMISSION

Over the past seven years, Dr. Ian Spooner (Acadia University, Nova Scotia) and his students, along with staff at Cascade Environmental Resource Group, have studied sediment records in Alta Lake and, more recently, Lost Lake.  Thursday, April 11 Ian will be at the museum to show how the lake records were obtained and analyzed and discuss what they can tell us about both the resilience and vulnerability of these lakes to future environmental change.  Local context (written records & personal experiences) is critical to effective interpretation of the lake sediment records and he hopes that everyone who has an interest in or a story to tell about our lakes can attend!

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  4. Hi my name is Bob McVay . I am the son of Myrtle Tapley McVay. My Mom is 95 yrs old now and in very good health. For her 96 th birthday i was thinking of flying her out to Whistler. My mom is named after Myrtle Tapley Phillips. My phone no. is, 207 584 5077 If there is anything you could help me with makeing this happen for my mom I,d really apreciate it.
    Be well, Bob in Maine

    Robert McVay
    1390 Waltham Rd
    Ellsworth Maine, 04605

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