Feeding the Spirit 2015

Feeding the Spirit Poster 2015_bigger


We’re excited to once again be hosting Feeding the Spirit, as part of Whistler Welcome Week 2015.

The format is simple. Creekside Market donates a bunch of free groceries, several local businesses donate wonderful prizes, and then we open our doors and invite, well, everyone!

In the spirit of welcoming winter and all the new arrivals to town, we simply want a fun, free evening where people can gather, eat a free meal, and learn a few things about out community. That’s it!

While there is certainly a lot to be learned through exploring our exhibits, we also feel some important lessons about Whistler can be learned by simply hanging out with long-time members of the community. So come, eat, learn, and above all, be merry! See you Saturday!

Special thanks to all our sponsors:

  • Creekside Market
  • Farfalla Hair 
  • Purebread Bakery
  • Splitz Grill
  • Whistler Roasting Co.
  • Nibz Bandanas
  • Lift Coffee
  • Misty Mountain Pizza

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